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How will Matt Robinson Work for Iowa?

As your Senator I will...

  • Work to better fund public schools

  • Support our educators and support staff

  • Oppose private school vouchers

  • Improve the affordability and accessibility of higher education opportunities

  • Strengthen workers rights

  • Provide a robust unemployment system

  • Support training and apprenticeship programs

  • Support the passage of a $15/hr minimum wage

  • Fight for better access to affordable healthcare 

  • Improve soil and water conditions in Iowa

  • Advocate for the production of clean and renewable energy

  • Invest in rural communities

  • Increased funding of programs for the most vulnerable Iowans

  • Strengthen our voting system making it safe and accessible to all Iowans

As a state we are currently facing a growing list of issues affecting our everyday lives. A few issues close to my heart are as follows. Please contact our campaign with issues facing your everyday lives, we want to know what is important to you!


Our future generation is in need of our support. It is time Iowans are given a choice to vote for a true champion of public education. I will fight for the proper funding for our schools ensuring they are capable of offering programs to enable all students to achieve their very best. This includes supporting our educators with better pay and the tools they need to teach our future generation. I will be a strong advocate in working against public tax dollars being used for private school vouchers, rather we take those funds, allocating them to our rural school systems giving them what they need to survive.

Primary school classroom

Rural Iowa

I will be a representative of rural Iowa, putting forward an agenda improving the lives of folks in the rural parts of this state. I will fight for healthy soil, clean air, and clean water. This means legislation reducing emissions and promoting renewable energy such as Iowa ethanol, wind, and solar power. I do not support the use of eminent domain on private projects such as the proposed carbon capture pipeline and I support farmers and rural Iowans rights to their land. I want to see a new vision for Iowa agriculture by creating


sustainable practices and new opportunities for Iowa farmers. 70 rural Iowa communities are in decline because of the lack of diversity in Iowa ag. The current system rewards large production but that's not what sustains our rural communities and small family farms. This means promoting and giving incentives to grow new crops, diversifying the crops being grown on marginal lands, and driving economic growth with the introduction of higher value crops. Driving this growth and developing new models will produce a healthy, livable rural Iowa for our children and grandchildren so they grow up here and stay in these communities to start their own families.

Labor Relations & Workforce:

Iowa workers have suffered through unrelenting attacks and I will be a voice for the working class. I have spent my entire working life in the construction industry, and I know first hand the hardships we struggle through. There is no doubt Iowa is facing a workforce shortage, but we also lack good paying and safe jobs which appeal to the working class. I will work to strengthen our workers rights with regards to collective bargaining, livable wages, and a safe workplace. I will also work to provide a robust Unemployment Insurance program, as we should be providing to workers who have lost employment through no fault of their own, not penalizing them. Additional funding towards training and apprenticeship programs will be key to creating opportunities for Iowans to find employment which fits their own individual skill sets. Facing these issues head on will not only ease our workforce shortage and attract new families to Iowa, but in turn provide an added boost to local economies.

Laser Cutting Steel

Iowa Families

It is time we focus on the young growing families of Iowa navigating through these difficult times.  With young educated people leaving the state in droves we face a declining population and a bleak economic outlook. I support the passage of  a $15 an hour minimum wage which creates new economic opportunities for hard working  Iowans struggling through the day to day. We need advancements in early childcare, as far too many folks are burdened by the cost and availability of quality childcare. Supporting child care centers with state funds will ease the pain felt by working families and grant these centers opportunities to create new good paying employment positions. Creating affordable higher education opportunities are equally important to attracting residents to Iowa. More affordable university tuition and free community college and trade schools will draw folks in. Making Iowa an attractive state to learn, live, and grow is a promise I’m making to our future generations.       

Family Time
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