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Meet Matt

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Matt was a 2011 graduate of Hempstead High School. From there he found his calling in the construction trades, diligently working his way to the position of project manager, a role he currently serves at Northern Winds Contractor Services.


Matt has always cared about the well-being of folks, whether it's a neighbor up the road, or a complete stranger. Now is the time he wants to put that same care and compassion to work for everyday Iowans.'

Please give Matt your support for Iowa Senator in November.

Matt is a third generation Iowan, born and raised in Dubuque Iowa. He is the oldest of two children of Kim and Frank Robinson. His mother, a patient services representative, and father, a carpenter, raised Matt in a lower middle class setting. It was in that home where the values of hard work, perseverance, and empathy, were instilled in him.


Building a House
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